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Water Treatment

WaterForce is able to do a free water analysis to test your water for impurities, basic parameters include sulphur, iron, odours, hardness (calcium and magnesium), sediment, manganese and bacteria. We are also able to test the water for other trace elements such as petroleum, radiation, lead, landfill pollutants, fluoride etc.

WaterForce is an Authorized Dealer for Hague Quality Water Products. These softeners are 100% Designed, Manufactured and Assembled in Columbus Ohio, USA.


WaterForce is also an Authorized Dealer for AquaMaster water softeners. These combined tank softeners are more compact and more economical than its similar WaterMax water softeners which are made in the same plant located in Columbus Ohio, USA.


Sulphur & Iron Filteration

Now you can remove Sulphur & Iron from your water without harsh chemicals or complex equipment, using the 800 Hague Iron Filter. This patented technology uses a natural oxidation process to eliminate ferrous iron, ferric iron and hydrogen sulphide. How this filter works is a bubble of air is stored within the media tank of this filter, and is compressed by water pressure. As water passes through the air, iron and sulfur are converted into particle form and trapped by the catalytic filter media in the tank. The air bubble is eventually consumed by the passing water.

Regeneration occurs when the unit backwashes to remove any trapped iron or sulfur particles. While the trapped particles are being flushed to the drain the filter is temporarily emptied of air. The air bubble is then replenished when the system draws in atmospheric air. This new air is full of fresh oxygen which is ready to create clean water for your home.

UltraVoilet Disinfection System
UVDynamics Mini-Rack Systems combine up to two Big Blue style filter housings and a UV disinfection system into one simple, clean looking, and integrated product line. Manufactured from rugged 10 gauge HR commercial grade steel and finished in a tough powder coat finish, the system will stay looking good as new for many years.

WaterForce installed UV Systems, with dual isolation valve set-up is an easy way to service and provide lasting value. Ideal for homes, cottages and treating harvested rainwater!

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

Osmosis separates impurities from water by passing it through a semi-permeable membrane. The semi-permeable membrane allows only very small atoms and groups of atoms (such as water molecules, small organic molecules and gases) to pass through it. Hydrated ions - ions that have been dissolved and are therefore surrounded by water molecules - cannot pass through the membrane.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) effectively takes advantage of the osmosis process. By applying pressure to the feed stream, one can reverse the natural osmotic effect, resulting in removal of contaminants from the fluid.

WaterForce installs the Harvard systems, a North American built product. These High Quality systems are unique with a built in drain flush valve to prevent your newly installed membrane from plugging up with carbon dust.

What our customers are saying:

Darcy at Waterforce has done a lot of work around our farm, he has upgraded our well, and household plumbing. Every time with plenty of guidance for me to make the right decision. Very professional and are very happy with the service.
- Ingersoll Area